SUN Corporation

President Message

In recent years, with the spread of Internet, smart phone, we have entered the era in which goods and products can be easily purchased all over the world. We have a business to import and export goods and products with confidence to countries and your company.
In particular, along with the new and used car, import and export of Japanese products have also increased in large number in recent years.
We will make an effort every day to be able to build a good business relationship with you.
I ask further, for your support.
Careers : : The dealer of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. joined in 1976, founded the Sun car sales in 1978 and then, with the establishment of the SUN Corporation in 1985, started overseas business since 2000. Master’s degree at Waseda University.
SUN Corporation Ltd.
Hisataka Okabe
経歴 : 1976年に日産自動車の販売店入社、その後1978年にサン自動車販売を創業、1985年に株式会社の設立、2000年より海外業務サンコーポレーション、現在に至る。早稲田大学大学院修士課程修了
岡部 一佐高