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Sun Automobile Sales Co., Ltd.

We will support your cars requirement with our 40 years of experience!
Please feel free to contact us for inquiries of new cars, used cars, car inspection and maintenance.

Many Japan Used Vehicles in Stock!!




New and used cars are also very popular among women and children. We have plenty of space in our showroom!
As we have a company owned showroom, our vehicles cost less and you can buy a good quality car at reasonable price.





会社名 : サン自動車販売株式会社
住所 : 〒192-0907 東京都八王子市長沼町904-3
Head office : 904-3 Naganuma, Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan
TEL : +81-0)42-683-1960
FAX : +81-0)42-683-1961
営業時間 : 10:00AM~19:00PM
定休日 : 木曜日

Welcome to Sun Corporation Ltd.

Our Domestic company name is Sun Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. It is a company that can be trusted and assured with over 40 years experience since its founding in the automobile industry.
Our company is a specialist in used cars, new cars and car repair, etc. with such a vast experience. You can buy with confidence from us as we are professional group that meets the comprehensive view of the car.
We are different from other trading companies that have limited knowledge of used cars, but can only speak English or their native languages.

How to Buy from Auction

  • Currently there are around 10 million foreigners living in Japan.
    You may contact your native people living in Japan to visit our showroom and check the quality of the car. They can be the most trusted medium for you to buy vehicles from Japan with confidence.
    Also as they would be knowing Japanese it will be easier to communicate and follow a smooth process.
  • Recently, it has become common thing for people in your home country to ask a car dealer to purchase cars on their behalf from Auctions.
  • You should be confident while buying from us as we are reliable and trusted company with proper registration and physical address in Japan.
  • It is completely Safe and Secure.
  • The first step for you is to search the internet for your home country people who live in Japan.
    It is the biggest advantage for you to shop with confidence.
    Automobiles are expensive items, but as you are buying from a reliable used car dealership. There is no worry of payment or car not coming to your home country.

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★ Please be careful in Japan majority of the traders who claim to be used car traders does not even have showrooms or yards. ★

Deposit for bidding
You must deposit before bidding. Deposit is always 100% of vehicle cost and refund.

☀ You can be rest assured as you have your known people from your home country living in Japan ☀


当社の国内会社名は、サン自動車販売株式会社と申します。 自動車一筋に創業40年に渡る信頼と安心できる企業です。あなたが探す自動車に近い車種を探すこともできます。


  • 現在、東京には130万人が世界各国から居住しております。日本全国では1000万人近くの外国人が世界各国から居住しております。この人々は日本語が通常に会話できます。従って、あなたの母国人も多数います。
  • 最近は、あなたの母国の人が自動車業者に頼まれ当社で代理購入することが当たり前になっております。
  • この理由としては、会社の所在地が解る。
  • 安心して購入でき、信頼できる会社と確信できる。
  • 間違いがないので安心である。
  • この様な現状、状態が当たり前になっております。


入札する前に、デポジットする必要があります。預金はいつでも車両費用と返金の 100% です。


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