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Sun Automobile Sales Co., Ltd.
We will support your cars requirement with our 40 years of experience! Please feel free to contact us for inquiries of new cars, used cars, car inspection and maintenance.
Many Japan Used Vehicles in Stock!!

創業40年に渡る長年の実績と経験であなたのカーライフをサポート致します!新車中古車、車検から整備・板金までお気軽にご相談お問合せ 下さい。
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New and used cars are also very popular among women and children. We have plenty of space in our showroom!
As we have a company owned showroom, our vehicles cost less and you can buy a good quality car at reasonable price.
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〒192-0907 東京都八王子市長沼町904-3
Head office
904-3 Naganuma, Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan
Welcome to SUN Corporation Ltd.
Our Domestic company name is Sun Jidousha Hanbai Kabusikikaisha. It is a company that can be trusted and assured with over 40 years experience since its founding in the automobile industry.
Our company is a specialist in used cars, new cars and car repair, etc. with such a vast experience. You can buy with confidence from us as we are professional group that meets the comprehensive view of the car.
We are different from other trading companies that have limited knowledge of used cars, but can only speak English or their native languages.
※There are many vehicles in our stock or we can find any vehicle from any auction from all over Japan!
How To Buy
Check about our company:
* Please check the import regulations in your country to import vehicle.
* In some cases take longer time in shipping according to the season or availability of ship.
* Please arrange to release the vehicle upon arrival from custom in your home country after paying necessary tax and enjoy the driving of bought car.
★ We keep all our stock in our own showroom and yards property (we do not have any rental building).
★ We strongly recommend to visit us first and check the stock in our showroom and yards for long term business relationship.