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How TO Buy

Choose your vehicle

Choose your favourite vehicle from our stock list.
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Send Inquiry

After Select your vehicle you can send us your Inquiry by Click on Send Inquiry Button.
If not found your favourite vehicle you can send us your required vehicle by click Inquiry in top menu.

Get Proforma

After your inquiry, we will send you proforma with full specification of that vehicle.
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Complete the payment

Please complete the payment by Bank Telegraphic Transfer from any bank not later than the Paying Due Date specified in the Proforma Invoice.

When you have completed the payment, please send us the copy of Telegraphic Transfer copy via fax or e-mail as proof of payment.

If your payment has not been confirmed until the Paying Due Date as mentioned above, the contract is deemed to be void.


After receiving the full payment, we will arrange shipping immediately. We will send shipping schedule and copy of B/L (Bill of Lading) via fax or email.
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Receive documents

All documents as listed below will be sent to your consignee address by Express Mail Service after the vessel leaves from Japan.

These documents are usually necessary for your local customs.
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Original B/L (Bill of Lading)
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Export Certificate

Collect your vehicle

Once you receive the documents, please contact your local customs agent for customs clearance at least one week prior to the actual arrival date of vessel. As per customs agent, you can pick up your car at the port.

Car registration is different each country, therefore please ask your local authority.
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