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Our New Auction System.

Looking for a car with good performance from our many years of experience.
You do not need to be our member.
Please describe the car of your choice. We will search the best car for you.

There is no space in the Multipurpose buildings.
Mixed Residence buildings do not have car parking spaces.
It is impossible to inspect or repair used cars in complex tenant buildings.

Our company owns one of Japan's most wide stock yards where used cars inspection, repairs, cleaning and testing is done. We export well inspected, tested and clean vehicles.


Please let us know your desired vehicle and approximate budget. We will quote you the winning bid price for the vehicle.
We deliver your vehicle at your nearest port.

Major Auction Halls in Japan

We are member of all major Japanese Auto Auctions.

Welcome to SUN Corporation Ltd.

  • SUN Corporation Ltd. is one-stop shop for good condition vehicles. As a world renowned Japanese car exporter we pride ourselves for providing a variety of services, SUN Corporation was one of the first companies in Japan to introduce the selling of Japan used cars on the Internet. Japanese Used Cars, Vans, Buses, Trucks etc., Machinery and Construction Vehicles available in Stock or from Japan auto auctions.



How to Buy from Auction

Deposit for Bidding
Before bidding, you need to leave a deposit. The deposit is 100% of the vehicle cost and refundable anytime.
We will bid the vehicle after confirming your deposit arrival.

  • We have 40 years of purchasing experience in the used-car market, with good condition cars at cheaper price. We know the tips for purchasing and purchasing opportunities.
    Thus, you may not purchase overworking and poor quality vehicle. However, if you say you just want this car then it's different.
  • If similar vehicles have several bids, in this problem cheaper price bid will not be considered.
  • We give paramount importance to, of course, on the test drive after the auction, especially there should be no mechanical problems such as engines and transmissions in vehicle.

◎ We export all used cars in proper working condition. Not like other dealers who just export cars without testing or checking which creates trouble while you receive cars.

◎ We check each and every vehicle and provide you status of vehicle honestly and pass correct and accurate information and photos.

◎ Our Company will become a good business partner with mutual efforts.

In our new system:
From our many years of experience, we look for good performance cars.
You do not need to be a member.
Describe your desired vehicle. Please Send Inquiry.

There is no space in the Multipurpose buildings.
Mixed Residence buildings do not have car parking spaces.
It is impossible to inspect or repair used cars in complex tenant buildings.

Our company owns one of Japan's most wide stock yard.
For used cars inspection, testing, repair and washing, cleaner space is required.
We export well inspected, tested and clean cars.

Auction agent member fee:
You may also take Membership free of cost.
We send a purchase order confirmation by email for your desired car.
Please transfer payment to our Bank.
In certain countries there is regulation on payment by L/C only.
Please transfer 100% payment or L/C to purchase the car.

Our company's new system has gained the trust to continue long term relationship and order directly.

We hope a good business relationship with you.
We are looking for distributors in your country.
We look forward to many inquiries from you.

入札する前に、デポジットする必要があります。預金はいつでも車両費用と返金の 100% です。


  • 40 年購入価格安くて良い車の在庫中古車市場での経験のあります。我々 は、購入し、機会を購入するためのヒントを知っています。 したがって、過労と貧しい品質の車両には購入できません。しかし、あなたはこの車を欲しいと言うなら別です。
  • 同様の車のいくつかの入札であれば、この問題のより安い価格で入札しないとみなされます。
  • オークション、特にエンジンとトランス ミッション、株式等ない機械的な問題の後のテスト ドライブ コースの最重要を添付します。

◎ 適切な労働条件でのすべての中古車を輸出しています。ない人はテストやチェックなし車をエクスポートし、トラブル中に他のディーラーのようなあなたの車を受け取る。

◎ 各車両のチェック、正直クルマの状態を提供して適切で正確な情報と写真を渡します。

◎ 会社はあなたの努力で良いビジネス パートナーになります。



当社は、日本のほとんどの広いストック ヤードを所有しています。

オークション エージェント会員料金:
この場合は郡: L/C に国の規制があります。
ためご送金または L/C の 100% 車を見つけます。


我々 は、あなたの国の代理店ご安心ください探しています。

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