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Welcome to SUN Corporation Ltd.

  • SUN Corporation Ltd. is one-stop shop with and good condition vehicles. As a world renowned Japanese car exporter we pride ourselves for providing a variety of services, SUN Corporation was one of the first companies in Japan to introduce the selling of Japan used cars on the Internet. Japanese used Cars, Vans, Buses, Trucks etc., Machinery and Construction Vehicles available in Stock or auto auction agent.


Please let us know the vehicle you choose. Quote the winning bid price we will quote the winning bid price for the vehicle.
Receive your vehicle at your nearest port.

Major Auction Halls in Japan

We have most in Japanese auto auction members

  • 12. I.M.A.K. Auto Auction

  • 13. BCN Auto Auction (BCN)

  • 14. Honda Auto Auction

  • 15. Hiro Auto Auctions

  • 16. Orix Auto Auction

  • 17. JAA Auto Auction

  • 18. SMAP Auto Auction

  • 19. HAA Auto Auction

  • 20. GE Auto Auction

  • 21. Zip Auto Auction

  • 22. NPS Auto Auction



USS Auto Auction

USS Co., Ltd. In Japan the USS auto auction is the largest car auctioning system, exhibiting more than 60,000 cars per week in more than 12 different auction halls across the country. USS Nagoya is held on every Friday and USS Tokyo is held on every Thursday. Average number of cars exhibited at USS Nagoya is about 9,000 cars and at USS Tokyo is about 12,000. 16 Auctions available in USS auto auction through out JAPAN.

How to Buy from Auction

Deposit for Bidding
Before bidding, you need to leave a deposit. The deposit is 100% of the vehicle cost and refundable anytime.
We will bid the vehicle after confirming your deposit arrival.

  • We have 36 years of purchasing experience in the used-car market, with cheaper price and stocks of good cars. We know the tips for purchasing and purchasing opportunities.
    Thus, you may not purchase overworking and poor quality vehicle. However, if you say you just want this car it's different.
  • If similar vehicles have several bids, in this problem cheaper price bid will not be considered.
  • Attached paramount importance to, of course, on the test drive after the auction, especially no mechanical problems such as engines and transmissions, and stocks.

◎ We export all used cars in proper working condition. Not like other dealers who just export cars without testing or checking and that create trouble while your receive cars.

◎ We check each and every vehicle and provide you status of vehicle honestly and pass correct and accurate information and photos.

◎ Company will become a good business partner with your efforts.

In our new system:
From our many years of experience, we look for good performance cars.
You do not need to be a member.
Describe your desired vehicle, please reply.

The one room of the multi-tenant building is not.
Multi-tenant building;automobile no parking spaces. In multi-tenant buildings the used car's inspection or repair is impossible.

Our company owns one of Japan's most wide stock yard.
For used cars inspection and repair, washing, cleaner space is required.
Place for test and inspection and repair and cleaning is required.
Here, inspected, cleaned and repaired cars will be exported.

Auction agent member fee:
You also take Member not cost.
Your desired car sends a purchase order after confirmation by email.
You please to transfer to the Bank.
In this county case: There is regulation of country to the L/C.
In order to find the car 100% of money transfer or L/C, please.

Our company is the system gained the trust of your long term relationship to continue and order directly.

We hope a good business relationship with you.
We are looking for distributors in your country Please be assured.
We look forward to many inquiries from you.

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